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The European Defence Fund is being launched – now is the time to be active


Tuija Karanko, Secretary General of the ‎Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries (AFDA), is involved with the European Defence Fund’s project development programmes on a daily basis. The EU established the European Defence Fund in the summer of 2017, to coordinate the defence investments and development work of its Member States. Less than a year into the Fund’s activities, we asked Karanko to give her expert opinion on the pros and cons of the programmes from the Finnish perspective. »


On the sanctions policy


Two years have now elapsed since the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula to Russia. The operation was completed in two weeks, and was followed by hostilities in Eastern Ukraine. Once again there is a war in Europe, which is in causal connection with the Russian operations in Georgia in 2008.  »


Get moving


”The Get Moving project, organised by the Finnish Military Sport Federation and supported by Patria, has encouraged sports club activities among conscripts over the last three years”, says Matti Santtila, Chief of Physical Training and Sport, Finnish Defence Forces.  »