Partnership generates benefits in life cycle support services


Patria is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces in the life cycle support services for the F/A-18 Hornet fighter aircraft. The safety and operational performance of the aircraft is guaranteed by a strong base of Finnish expertise and capability to offer competitive, reliable and cost-efficient solutions that can also be utilized when the next generation of fighters will be taken into use. »

Toimitusjohtaja Olli Isotalo, Patria


President and CEO Olli Isotalo: “When if is not an option”


Patria is a company its customers can trust. Our employees are committed specialists capable of managing long-term and demanding projects in a reliable manner. We always consider the best interests of our customer and keep our promises. We want Patria to be a guarantee of operational reliability. »



Hyperspectral imaging reveals enemy targets


Senop, a Patria Group company, develops and manufactures hyperspectral cameras for the needs of industry, science and defence. The use of Senop’s hyperspectral cameras is now being expanded from research institutes to industrial and defence applications. The powerful devices are able to pinpoint minefields, camouflage nets and armoured vehicles concealed in terrain.  »